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The company LASKARIDIS MARBLE S.A. commenced its activities in 1977 in Thasos as a personal enterprise of its current chairman Mr Nikos Laskaridis. The main activity of the company is the extraction of white dolomite and crystalline marble.
The company has been operating without interruption from the beginning until today and it has been quarrying marbles, known by their commercial names as "PRINOS" (WHITE OF LIMENAS, THASOS) and "CRYSTALLINA OF THASOS", from its privately owned quarries in the Limenas and Theologos areas of Thasos respectively. The company has been granted exclusive rights for the use of the commercial name "PRINOS" by a decision of the Ministry of Commerce (Trade Marks Section, Nr.128627/25.10.1995). The average output of the two quarries reaches approximately 5000 m3 of marble blocks and approximately 1,500 m3 of odd pieces of marble. A large percentage of the marble produced is exported in block or processed form to Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, S. Arabia, U.S.A., China, Japan and other countries.
According to the 1997 data, LASKARIDIS MARBLE S.A. is placed thirty-seventh (37th) amongst the 100 largest companies in the marble sector (source ICAP), with approximately 4,000 total number of production and processing units according to data from the Federation of Greek Marble Unions. The company's annual turnover surpasses 1,000,000 euro.
The company is in a position to respond with consistency to its customers' demands, both in Greece and abroad, through a well-developed sales network and through co-operation with other companies in the sector.

The dynamic progress of the company is based on:

  • its stable trading policy
  • its dependability and credibility to its customers
  • its excellent organization and modern technical equipment
  • strategic planning and naturally
  • the adequate stocks of the right quality in its quarries.

The well-known "PRINOS" marble has been recommended, trusted and used by many architects, traders and builders both for marble setting contractors and other uses in large buildings such as:

  • the building of the German Embassy in Athens,
  • the SEHLMAN building at Paradisos, Amarousion,
  • the Court Building on Alexandras Avenue,
  • the Appeals Courts in Kalamata, Polygyros, etc.
  • company buildings in Eindhoven, Holland and more.

LASKARIDIS MARBLE S.A. being active in the extraction, elaboration and trade of "PRINOSR" and "CRYSTALLINA of THASSOS", has as main objective to excel in the field of high quality final products with competitive prices which will secure the satisfaction of market needs.
To fulfill the above target the company has developed and currently applies an appropriate, for its size, "Quality Control System", which is based on the following directive lines:
• To form the basis for a better organisation and more effective operation of the company and not only to cover the minimum requirements of the ELOT EN ISO 9001 : 2000 Standard
• To improve the quality and reduce the cost of the manufactured products
• To secure the clients satisfaction, through the production and distribution of quality and economically competitive products
• To secure the active participation of the company's staff and create a spirit of team work
LASKARIDIS MARBLE S.A. was granted its Certification from ELOT (Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation), in October 2007 for the application of a Quality Control System according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2000.
The field of application of the obtained "Certificate of Conformity" covers "extraction, processing, manufacturing and trade of marble".

Laskaridis Marble
Laskaridis Marble
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Laskaridis Marble
Laskaridis Marble
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Laskaridis Marble
Laskaridis Marble
Laskaridis Marble
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Laskaridis Marble
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